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Owning and running a business is both a pleasure and a pain. It’s incredibly rewarding to come up with a business idea that proves to be successful, but maintaining that initial success is often easier said than done. Success only remains if you are able to handle the day to day activities and tasks that are essential for running your business.  It’s also important that you keep an eye on the long-term health of your organization. Juggling both of these demands is something that many people struggle with, particularly when they have no formal education or substantial experience in the business world. It might sound like a hopeless situation, but with the help of a business consultant and coaching service your life will be that much easier. As you’ve no doubt guessed by now, we believe that we can help your business succeed with our extensive professional coaching and strategic planning expertise.

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About Our Team

At Heritage Solutions, we’ve forged a reputation as one of the leading executive coaching and business consultant services in the southeast United States – and we couldn’t be any prouder of the results that we’ve achieved throughout that time. We are the business consultant for those who don't like consultants. We’ve always set customer satisfaction as a priority for our team, and we’ve yet to come across a situation where any business owner we’ve worked with has been unhappy with the coaching and consultation service they received. We hire only the most highly regarded coaches in the field, ensuring that our customers get access to the highest-quality services around. But it isn’t just our proficiency that sets us apart. We make special efforts to make sure that each of our services are affordably priced, giving our customers access to the best coaching services at the best prices – the best of both worlds.

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Our Services

We’ve compiled a broad array of services to guarantee that we can serve each and every business owner that can benefit from our help – and we’ve not yet experienced a situation where we’ve not been able to provide assistance.  Our approach is working wonders! We’ve helped our customers with business development, strategic planning, leadership development, customer experience, employee engagement, and even business valuation. We feel that there’s no aspect of your business that we can’t help with, nor is there a business type or size that we’re not capable of handling. If you’re at all unsure about our suitability for your situation, speak to our customer service team to learn how we can support your business to grow and thrive.

Business Development

The idea behind business development is that you can take a holistic approach to understanding how and where a business can be improved. There are far-reaching implications for any business that undertakes this process with us, but the bottom line is that you’ll have a more effective, more profitable, and more sustainable business in the long run.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is primarily about looking at the state of your business, as it is today, and thinking about where you might want to be in the mid to long-term. Setting your business goals is a must, but finding a way of doing so where they’re completely realistic but still ambitious is a delicate balancing act. We can help you compile a strategic plan today.

Leadership Development

Knowing how to improve the quality of your leadership, personally, and the leadership of your management team is essential. Stronger, more confident leaders not only raise their own performance, but they improve the output of the teams working under them. Our leadership development service also improves the cohesion of your leadership team, yet another reason that we stand apart as the best of the business consulting firms in the area.

Customer Experience

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, so you need to do whatever you can to improve their experience with your business from start to finish. Creating a culture which places customers at the heart of operations is the way to go, as it means there’s no chance that part of your customer journey will be forgotten about or neglected.

Employee Engagement

To ensure that your employees are working at their optimal levels, and that they’re happy while doing so, you need to complete coaching and consultation on employee engagement. These interventions guarantee that your staff are able to act as their authentic selves in your workplace, and this has a surprisingly large beneficial impact on your productivity and employee satisfaction.

Business Brokerage

Having a thorough understanding of your business’s valuation is a must. It’s important for insurance purposes, helps you get investors interested in your company, and helps you direct funds to the right places when appropriate. It’s also important should you ever wish to sell your business in the future.


“Heritage Solutions is the service I used to get my business back on track after the pandemic. We had to make a lot of changes to survive and the help we received was life-saving. Keep up the amazing work guys!”

Manny K.

“I’ve been using the services from Heritage Solutions for months now and I’m really pleased. Both my staff and my customers have noted the improvements in the business, so things couldn’t really be any better.”

Laurie S.

“Professional, friendly, attentive, knowledgeable…I have endless compliments to give Heritage Solutions for the amazing help they’ve given me and my business. I would very happily recommend this consulting firm to any business owner who needs help.”

Cerys M.

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For the best of the consulting companies in the southeast United States, Heritage Solutions Business Consultant and Coach is the only choice. Learn more about the services that we offer our customers, the pricing structures that we keep, and the availability of our teams by speaking to our customer service representatives. We’re reachable through our main telephone number during working hours, though you can also reach them by using our online contact form outside of those hours.