Business Valuation

The day to day running of a business can swallow up all the available energy the business owner and proprietor has – and this is a problem. There are other matters that need to be attended to, matters which have an impact on the business from a longer-term perspective. Something that many business owners fail to do is get a full understanding of the business’s valuation. This might not seem like something you need to know about unless you’re planning on selling your business, but there are impacts that extend far beyond that. To have a reliable valuation carried out, you’re going to need the assistance of a professional business valuation service – and that’s where we enter the picture. At Business Consultant and Coach, we’ve been providing first-class business valuation expertise for many years now, and we’re not about to slow down any time soon. Learn more about the business valuation service we provide by reading on below, or reach out to our customer service representatives as an alternative.


What is a Business Valuation?

In the most simple terms, a business valuation is the process of determining the total economic value of a business – and all of its assets. A business valuation can be used to understand the fair value of a business, and this is carried out for a variety of reasons. It can be hard for business owners to be entirely objective about the value of their own business, so for the most part, they turn to professional business valuation services to carry out these calculations. There are a number of different ways of carrying out a business valuation, depending on the specific situation.


Understand Company Assets

For many reasons, you need to know everything possible about your business’s assets. Partly, this is so that you can know where you might need to invest more in your company, but it’s also important for insurance purposes. If you under-insure your business, you stand to lose thousands of dollars. It can be a struggle to tally up the various assets of the business, as many of these items might not come to mind. This is yet another reason why a professional evaluation service is the best choice.


Consider Resale Value

There’s no point acting as if you’ll definitely own your business indefinitely. While that could be the case, there’s also a strong chance that at one point or another, you might want to sell your business. Knowing the full value of your business – including all assets that you’ve spent on over the years – makes sure that you won’t lose money when you sell the company.


Assessing Investors

It could be that you’d like to attract some attention for investors, giving you the chance to channel more money into your company for expansion or development. This is sound, in practice, but investors are only going to pay you any attention if they can get a comprehensive insight into the value of the business. Again, a business valuation becomes a must.

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