Nathan Holm

In 1991 I fell in love with coaching. I fell in love with the creation of teams and bringing people together to accomplish something they did not think could be done.  I loved the problem solving, the strategizing, the creating, the collaborating and the attempting of something new that leading teams required.

In 1998 I realized that it wasn’t coaching basketball that was my lifetime purpose, I loved it and still miss it dearly today. However,  I realized that I was called to start something that could span and lead to changes across all teams, all sports, all organizations, and eventually all businesses I was called to be an entrepreneur and start a business that allowed me to build teams that changed the lives of those they interacted with.

I then encountered the great limitations I placed on myself.  Fear, contentment with status quo, distraction, new opportunities, justifications. I chose to take on these limitations and not start what I knew was on my heart. I was choosing to play it safe, or so I thought.  This playing it safe had short-term perks but by 2019 I could no longer ignore the desire for what had planted inside of to become manifested in the world. I could no longer ignore the pain of regret far outweighing the pleasure of not failing.

Those twenty years were not without benefit. I had some amazing experiences and growth. Most importantly I had a family and that is the greatest thing to happen to me.

But in 2019 I realized that it was time to stop giving into the resistance and start living a life unencumbered by the paralyzing and debilitating disease of not starting.